Is it normal i wish i had more lesbian friends?

i am a lesbian but all of my friends r either gay men or bi and idk!! i just wish i had someone to relate to or something but i dont know if this is just a me thing or??

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  • I wish I could meet less lesbian and bi chicks. Every single one I've met always had mental issues, were spoiled/enabled by their parents, couldn't hold down a job, and never took rejection well. They'd always demand a reason why they were rejected and acted like I owe them my time. I don't owe anyone shit. XD

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  • I agree im lez and all my ex lesbian friends except for one have been full of drama and are unstable !
    Like where are all the nice chiiks at

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  • SAME. I’m the only lesbian in my friend group. It would be nice if we have someone that can relate to us and be actually interested when talking about our crushes.

    My friends would just stare at me and smile when I talk about women. They are not as hyped as they are when talking about boys. Kinda pisses me off

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  • Go to, and see if there are any lesbian meetups in your nearby area.

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  • I dont have friends in general. I'm an introvert that doesnt need to have friends for 90% of the time. The 10% is just doing the required social interactions for the day to maintain the ability to have constructive verbal communication.

    Hell I consider some of you guys as my friends. Extremely low maintenance friends, my kind of friends.

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