Is it normal i think too much humor is a sign of immaturity?

A lot of this is from my experience with "funny" people in early high school. Due to problems with my school’s ARD I was in courses with the "problem" students (it got better by Junior year). I was putting up with their shticks in class like they told the teacher that scolded them: "girl you trippin" so everybody laughed. They also made lots of sexual and drug jokes in between all the cursing and they seemed so entertaining.

I even saw one of them arrested in the hallway and this idiot was like “ehh my boy coming for me. Gang for life!” As of now, most of them are in prison or on their third child with a guy/girl who left them. If you watch Beyond Scared Straight, a lot of the dumb kids on that show are smiling at the inmates and treating it like a joke.

If this is what women mean by confidence and sense of humor, I want no part of it. Is there a different form of being funny that is attractive? I may have had negative exposure in that trash bin called sophomore year of HS.

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  • You are perfectly fine. There is a difference between being funny/having a sense of humor, and being an immature asshole. These kids just seem like it. Keep doing your own thing & they will mellow out, you've got a good head on shoulders

    My high school was just like this, a bunch of asshole kids who would just prank teachers etc. There are also different types of humor/intelligence.

    You can be highly intelligent/funny, but not find stuff like that funny at all.

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  • Humor has many types

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  • when i was a kid in school goofin around there was always some killjoy bitch with her hands on her hips tellin me how im soooo immature

    im like bitch were fourteen how fuckin erudite & sophisticated do you think you really are cause you just aint

    reminds me of you op

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  • You may just be dull....

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  • Who told you that? 😂

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  • Just go ahead and call out sidewalk.

    I have a immature sense of humor myself. I find pranks more funny than witty responses.

    I was watching this video earlier where this guy posed as a vape juice creator and got ppl on the streets to test his "new vape juice" what they were actually vaping was fart spray. The confusion in their face had me rollin

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    • Looks like people on this site think that being a thug is intelligent and will attribute any academic achievement to being “rich”.

      Yes, money can buy tutors, but not brains. That’s based on choices you make.

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  • None of the behavior you described sounds funny to me, and I doubt it does to most adults who have been out of high school for at least a couple of years, either. It's more of a smartass class clown type of humor, which I think is only really funny to junior high/high school kids.

    There are several different types of humor, and it's definitely possible to have a sense of humor without being immature or disrespectful towards others. I think when people say they like people with a sense of humor, it's usually someone who can make lighthearted jokes, or can joke a little about themselves (though not in an edgy "gang life" way), which shows they are comfortable with who they are and makes people feel at ease around them. Of course, these people also know that there's a time and place for joking and don't overdo it.

    But don't worry, it's very normal to find the behavior you describe unfunny and immature, and to not get all types of humor. There is someone I know who quite a few people I know find hilarious for some reason, yet their "jokes" are just replying "you're a [fill in the blank with whatever noun the person who spoke before them mentioned]"

    Me: "Can you grab that thing off of the shelf for me?"
    Person: "YOU'RE A SHELF!"

    I don't get it at all.

    It's also very normal to get a bit fed up when someone doesn't know when it's not an appropriate time to joke. It gets tiring talking to someone like that because you can never have a serious conversation with them, and everything is a joke to them. Also, they can do it at the worst times and just piss people off. I had a well-meaning family member try to crack jokes the day I was waiting on the vet to put down my first horse I'd had for the greater part of 20 years. The jokes were actually about the situation at hand, too. NOT the time, AT ALL. I know they didn't mean anything by it and were trying to "lighten the mood", but it just seemed really disrespectful to me.

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