Is it normal i think simone biles choked?

Is it normal I think Simone Biles choked? Some are heralding her as brave & courageous for quitting. Champions don't quit.

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  • Idc what anyone says shes on the juice. Its really obvious to me.

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  • She still a hot piece of ass

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  • She didn't choke. There are many possible issues for what is going on; but, I totally believe her when she says that she has lost the key mental awareness of where she is when she is doing gymnastics or other things. It could be a simple as a very minor virus, and there are many other possibilities.

    I have seen this many times before on the national and world level competition. I spent 3 decades of my life as a major volunteer in international level athletics for a specific sport. In addition to somewhere over 100 international events I have been an Official or Judge at 1 Olympics and 2 World Championships, and helped train the ones from the USA that served in the succeeding Olympics and World Championships (I officially retired from International level judging and officiating in 2016).

    I have seen many athletes withdraw from competition when they are "not right." There is no reason to suffer a personal major injury and possible cause a loss for the team.

    Champions do in fact refuse to play when sick. They know that they and the team is better off if they withdraw, and let another player fill the slot. This occurs so often and in so many countries that the teams in almost all sports even have extra backups at both local to Olympic events just for these kinds of issues.

    People who think its all about them and that they have to proceed when they are not 100% ready never become champions as they loose too often and suffer career ending injuries.

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