Is it normal i suddenly started breathing really fast?

Anyone else done this? Just sitting at home on my computer, and suddenly started hyperventilating for no apparent reason. I'm emotionally calm (but not physically apparently) and I'm also not in pain so dont think anythings medically wrong. It feels like something my body automatically started doing, rather than me deciding it

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  • Sounds like a panic attack tbh. I've had those before while just sitting at my computer seemingly calm and I suffer from anxiety. Sometimes panic attacks creep up on you from nowhere, maybe you've been bottling things up too long lately or you have a lot of worries even if you're not actively thinking about them. Could be a good idea to get it checked out though just to be safe. I've gotten myself checked out a few times when that has happened to me but so far nothing has been physically wrong.

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  • That’s hyperventilation and can be caused by anxiety or asthma related conditions. Tell your doctor. It may have been extra smoggy that day where you live.

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