Is it normal i still wear my ex’s shirts?

Okay so we broke up about a month ago, and we decided to remain friends I mean he still Ubers me to school if I need it with no problem (he offers I would never make him) we talk everyday and he has some really nice clothes he says he doesn’t want like a Kendrick shirt from his concert in Las Vegas. And just some nice shit and sometimes they make a great lazy day outfit for school or to the store. Is this weird? I don’t feel nostalgic when I put them on just like the way they look.

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  • Pretty normal. I dated a woman a few years ago and we did well together. She'd wear my tee and sweatshirts all the time. Then, we broke up over something stupid, and didn't have contact for quite awhile. Reconnected and dating her again, and she's worn my same sweatshirts a few times already. Said kept them because they were warm and comfy, but also said they reminded her of me.

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  • It's sorta not normal to not feel nostalgia when wearing others clothing.

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  • not my problem

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