Is it normal i still play pretend

I sometimes like to pretend im in a singing or dancing competition and i sometimes like to pretend im at work and im signing papers and im on the phone with clients and stuff haha. I dont wanna give out my exact age but im 12-14

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  • If you're between 12 and 14 then of course it's normal !

    In fact, it's normal no matter what age you are. In the words of Disney creator Walt Disney: "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional."

    This doesn't mean you'll never mature, but it means that being mature doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your imagination. As long as you use your pretending for good it's okay.

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  • My friends used to act out stories together up until junior year of high school. Kids nowadays feel too pressured to grow up fast. You'll grow out of "younger" hobbies when it feels natural. Have fun!

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  • Do you use your brush as a microphone and a tennis racket as a guitar?

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  • gitgude

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  • it's good for you
    and too many kids stop playing too young
    like me when I was about 11

    I regret it and I try to play more now even though I am 26

    it's a good to have fun, it relives stress

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  • I think it's normal because I still do it and I'm a teenager

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