Is it normal i need help

I feel like I'm constantly trapped. I can't do anything I want to do and I don't think it's through any fault of my own... I just wish I could escape, and be somewhere I could really be happy for once. But I feel like everything is against me. It's like the universe is against me, and I feel my life is some cruel joke. But I can't just die. I don't want to kill myself, I just don't want to have no choice but to not get what I want. I feel like whenever I try to go after what I really want, I wind up getting something completely different, and I feel like that's just going to keep happening as if my life exists for someone's sadistic entertainment or some cruel experiment that's keeping me from being free and happy...

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  • Majority of people don't get what they want in life. Get over it.

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  • i'm so sorry that you feel this way :(
    sometimes when we don't take care of ourselves from time to time, it can really out us off the edge. what happens is we dont have a stable mental health for something, and we end up blaming our skills for it. trust me, i have been through it
    what i suggest is please go seek a therapist or take some days off to really just relax, bring back a hobby of yours that was discontinued. its okay if you arent perfect at it, just doing it for the sake of your own satisfaction is more important!
    take yourself out on self dates to cafes or to the movies, eat whatever your heart desires :)
    you are the one who can bring better days for yourself!
    stay strong , i'm rooting for you

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