Is it normal i melt my ice cream (all the way) then eat it?

Ever since I was small to now, I also heated or melted my icecream down, it just tastes way better to me honestly.
My friends gotten so use to it they don't even complain.

I also do the same with; Juice,Milk,Bread,Sandwiches,anything almost. I have limits of course.

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  • When I have a choc ice, Feast or Magnum, I love to let the ice cream filling go soft for about 20 minutes or more inside the chocolate shell. As you bite into it you get that lovely chocolate crunch, then the soft creamy filling, fantastic.

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  • how u melt bread, I never figured out how dawg :3

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  • it’s not ice cream them… just melted lol. I used to stir mine until it was more like a thinner milkshake consistency and eat it like that.

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  • it's not normal but it's not bad either. you're a little weird and that's ok

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    • ayyee :D

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  • Not normal but totally innoccuous so may as well be. Worth an eyebrow quirk at best. Did this as a kid to soften up if not totally melt my ice cream in the bowl, just like my siblings did, but it'd be a little embarassing for me to do again now after so long haha

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