Is it normal i'm sick of greedy bosses?

I had to share this one:
I busted ass, spent money for school, took time off to gain a new job title.
Base starts at $23.0 Per hour/ $85,000 per year.
I'm new, just breaking into the field.
But, I'm qualified.
I interview today, this dick offers me $10.75 to start.
Then I can work my way up to their maximum of $20 per hour.
I struggled to not spit in his face.
Maybe in Trumps America unemployment is low.
Who the hell lives on minimum wage?
I made more then this on my first job, in high school.
This dick wants to hire me for minimum fucking wage.
He even said.
I want to get the most for my money.
And once we train you, we expect you to stay around awhile.
Point is, unemployment may be low.
But are people making a decent living.
Or just taking any job.
To keep the bills paid?

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  • I feel you. Unemployment may be low but people are still becoming more and more waged-slaves. Considering the fact that the employees work and make a business prosper I assume that they should reapt the fruit of those efforts too.

    People call me communist for having those discourse. But yes, I believe that it is exploiting people to pay them scrap so that some can make millions.

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  • Yeah, it's bullshit.

    But take pride in the fact that you walked away. Employers may eventually learn a lesson if only shit people will work for the money that they pay.

    Probably not though. But still, you did right by yourself so don't let them win by holding onto the anger, just look forward to something better than their shitty job.

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    • SD
      Thanks, glad you get my point.
      I'm already looking forward to my next interview tomorrow.
      I'm not as experienced as some.
      But I'm reliable.

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  • im sicka incompetent fuckwit salesmen type managers with a bidness degree thinkin they knows how everythin works and that theys smarter than peoples who works for a livin

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  • What high school job did you have that paid you more than $10.75?

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    • Welkinson?
      Get out more Ok.
      I worked fast food place on Maui.
      It sucked, and was part time.
      But it was my own money.

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  • Time to close this one out.
    I found a job.
    Small but growing company.
    15 minute commute.
    $18.50 to start.
    Overtime if I want it.
    Pay gos up once I'm up to speed.
    Co workers like it here.
    Glad I didn't settle for less.

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  • yeah, we get to the real world and find out our education doesn't mean jack shit.

    We also find out that the stories of what a job should pay are a little stretched.

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  • Nikki, to clarify.
    They start you at $23 during training for your position.
    Once trained you are brought up to full pay.
    My math is off?
    Go ask a recruiter for McLane inc.
    The average locally is starting at $17 but you work 60 a week.
    If you can get it, a few pay $24 to start. You work 4/10s.

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    • So does it start minimum wage, 17, 23 or 24? Sorry but the fact is you are all over the place and that's probably why you are being taken advantage of.

      Figure out what you want or need, go in and demand it and be prepared to walk if your offer isn't close to it.

      You don't get anywhere if you don't know what you are doing. I'd offer minimum to someone who asks for nothing too.

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      • Nikk.
        Sorry for any confusion YOU felt.
        My mind works to fast for some ok.
        Sorry I don't have crayons to draw it out for you.
        23 is training wage at one company then they bring you up from there.
        17 Is another company but they demand a 60+ hour work week.
        24 is the starting wage at another company, but you only have to work 4 days a week.
        Ok, now breathe out.

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        • So I am slow because you can't communicate what's in your head? 👌👍

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          • No, your slow because you don't pay attention.
            I don't mean to insult you, but damn.
            If you don't get that pay scales at different companies are different.
            I can't really fix that.

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            • Reread your original post. I don't mean to be rude either but it's not my fault you are jumping all over the place. Prior to you mentioning 3 companies you mentioned one in a response.

              I wouldn't hire you. Compose your thoughts and speak clearly so others can understand.

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  • You have the opportunity to work your way up, earn more and they want you to stick around for a while. How is any of that bad?

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  • Considering you can't do basic math I'd say minimum wage is about what you are worth. On what planet is $23 an hour equal to 85k a year?

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    • If there is a lot of overtime.
      At 40 hours a week it is around $47K a year.

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      • A shit ton of over time. He'll maybe there are bonuses too so minimum wage is 200k.

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      • Nikk sorry, but I really don't have crayons.
        Different companies, different pay scales.
        I'm talking about a half dozen SEPARATE companies.
        You're fixated on one and trying to do the math.
        Slow down and focus....

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  • It's not greed, it's business! I have a cleaning/ gardening company and I want people to work as much as possible, for as little pay as possible, without them quitting, or being too unhappy. It's how business works. Especially with small businesses. Until you grow as a business, you need to cut corners. And even after you grow, you want to keep your employees happy enough so they are productive and motivated enough, but still save money and make a bit more profit.

    Yeah, I could pay my employees big salaries and offer them fat holiday bonuses and a 13th salary for Christmas, but then I won't make any money. And I started this business to make money for MYSELF, not to run a charity! The end goal is for me to be lavished in luxury and drive an S-class, not my employees.

    We all go through this. I've had the same shit happen to me, when I was looking for jobs. I was angry about it too, but bitching about it, ain't gonna help. So cry me a river! If you don't like it, start your own damn business and be a dick to others. If you can't, sit still and deal with it, when others are dicks to you. It's how the world works. It's normal to be unhappy about it, but you can't change it.

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  • Don't waste your energy being angry. Stop complaining and just go somewhere else. If you're worth the money and in the US, this economy has a job for you.

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    • JD.
      I've moved on.
      No worries.
      I'm just sick of greed.
      That was the ONLY point.
      Felt like a huge insult.
      It kinda hurt, ok.
      That's all.

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      • Yeah, I get it. Greedy people suck.

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      • It's not greed it's business. If they can get you for minimum, they will.

        I'm not saying it's good business, happy employees are better employees but many don't give af and don't care about turnover or churn. It's probably a shit company.

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        • It kind of bites that places do not care about turnover.
          We just got two new supervisors in our dept and it seems both of them are already starting to stress, even after just two weeks. Both of them are good guys, hard working, professional, hopefully we don't lose them to the B.S.
          I guess this is common but in our dept, no matter how much gets done or how fast, it is never enough for the managers. I often wonder when or IF these two supervisors ever get to go home. BTW one is for days and one for nights.

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