Is it normal i love christmas, but it’s not really a christian holiday?

I just love Christmas time. But scholars put Jesus’ birth late March or April. What we’re really celebrating is Yule, with the tree and all. Christians just tried to erase the old religion’s holiday with their own construct over it. So, it’s not a religious thing for me, but still love this time of year. Merry Christmas!

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  • Check out the Roman holiday of Saturnalia as well if you want to understand the true origins of Christmas.

    Honouring the god Saturn, or the birth of Mithras or Jeezus on 25 December all make equal sense to me, since it's all just mythology.

    Having a period of celebration just after the winter solstice makes a lot of sense psychologically. You know the worst of the winter is still to come, but the days are getting a little bit longer, so you can be confident that warmth will return.

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  • A number of Christian festivals don't happen on the day the event was supposed to have happened in history. They didn't even use the same calendar as us at the time of Christ's birth (that is why Easter keeps changing date:it is one festival that we try to put on the exact date the events happened). As a Christian it doesn't matter to me whether we celebrate Christ's birth on the actual day. I'm pretty sure birthdays were not celebrated as such at that time: Christ's birth is only notable because he is the Son of God, born of a virgin, and his birth marked the incarnation of God in human flesh. What I get (spiritually) out of Christmas being on the 25th December is the chance to take time out to appreciate the fact that he came at all. When he came the world was in a spiritual winter of sorts - a long, cold slumber. Having Christmas in winter means that we can re-live that looking forwards to a spiritual spring, with the seasons.

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  • Christianity has taken a lot from other previous religions. But you don’t need religion at all to like Christmas. I personally dislike holidays in general but that’s just me. My sister is a Buddhist and she loves Christmas. My friends that are atheist like it.

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  • You are also conflating all this with Christians converting pagans.

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  • My birthdays not always celebrated on the exact day either.

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  • As a Christian I celebrate Christ on the day of his birth. I think you might be confused with the resurrection. That's Easter.

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