Is it normal i like the smell of b.o.?

And sweaty feet. Not from just anyone and everyone, but if I'm into you I'm all about it. I understand that conventionally it "stinks," but damn if I wouldn't bury my face in some armpit.

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  • I've smelled some pretty eye-wateringly rank BO on strangers and it's done nothing positive for me at all, but I've never minded the body odour of my partners. Not into feet and the odour of my partner's has never done anything for me, but I've never found it revolting.

    The topic of the role of scent in human attraction is very interesting. Most of us aren't really consciously aware of aromas, but apparently we have almost as many scent-detecting nerve endings as dogs, and although we're primarily visual animals, aromas do have an effect on us at a subconscious level. Google "sweaty T-shirt study" if you're interested.

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  • sometimes u just smell a good musk and you are like damn this is funky but i cant stop

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  • Is it a sexual thing for you or na?

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    • Intimate but not necessarily sexual

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  • I'm saying YES to armpits. NO to feet.

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