Is it normal i hear fake talking all day?

I'm not trying to make up one of those "I hear voices" stories but I honestly hear talking all day and all night. I never know what they're saying but it's always like 10-20 different people talking all at the same time and it fades in and out throughout the day. It's all inaudible stuff and not like spooky ghost whispers or whatever it's like a mall food court or a cafeteria or something.

If these weird voices episodes come at night they can last for hours and I can never get any sleep, and when they happen when I'm out in public or with people I just shut down because I can't hear what the real voices are trying to say. Now I just put my headphones on and blast music to drown it out, but I'd like to be able to sleep again.

I don't think I'm crazy, I think I'm just subconsciously thinking of loud jumbled environments and I end up thinking I hear them. Male 22.

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  • This happens with me too when i am in my room I hear.. what i think is my family members talking.. its really difficult to make out what exactly is being said but actually whenever i have checked it was all in my head sometimes it sounds so real that you really get confused even though you know this might just be a fragment of your imagination

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  • When I was a kid. About 8-12 years old I remember hearing exactly what you're describing quite a lot actually. I haven't heard anything since then though. But I know the feeling.

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  • I'm not sure if this is normal but what you assume that's happening seems possible. Just thinking about a crowd maybe makes you hear it. The only reason why I'm hesitant is because I've had that happen to me only twice and it's exactly like how you explained it. Not creepy voices or whispers, just a large group of people talking. It freaked me out the first time and it felt like all I could hear was what I was experiencing. It lasted for maybe 5 minutes so definitely not like how you experience it all the time. Sorry I dunno if this helps but just so you know you're not crazy. That or we're both crazy lol

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