Is it normal i find it attractive when men are aggresive

not towards me as such but say theres a guy and hes on good terms with me and he gets angry tat another guy and says hes going to punch his face in or something... is it normal that i find it attractive and it kinda gets me going and makes me into them say if we were romantically involved even

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  • Its very normal for women to be attracted to assholes. Of course that's how most women get into abusive relationships. If they are angry and violent toward others then how long will it be before their anger and violence gets directed at you? Think about it.

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  • That used to be called biology.

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  • Haha, how funny. And funniest when he starts punching YOU.

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  • I'm sure it's quite normal, as in evolutionary terms it would show an ability to protect you and the family from invaders, wild animals etc.
    As we're in 2017 bear in mind if he's an aggressive dick to other people he'll probably be an aggressive dick to you at some point.

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  • Some women get off on having their guys get aggressive or challenge other guys. They like the drama. I met a woman at sports bar I go to, just talking, and she had a broken bone in her foot. Took her home, as she asked (and I was going to offer anyway), we get inside her apartment and, start messing around a little. She'd mentioned her bf a few times, but wanting to get away from him, and that he lived with her "sometimes". And was the jealous, possessive type.

    Sure enough, just as we're getting more physical and blood started to flow, here he comes..Opens the door just as we separated, she made up a lie about I work with her and just took her home, and this guy's face is boiling. At me.

    That's when it occurred to me..Yes, she needed the ride b/c couldn't walk well, but...I may have been set up, as she clearly got off on having both guys in the same room about to go at it, over her..If he'd looked at my jeans, he'd have seen the bulge that his little hottie created, so, no doubt knew what was going on as he wasn't there.

    He bought the coworker story, but also moved to the side, clearing my way to the door, as if saying..Go now, or this is going down. I felt worse about myself being drawn in like that than I did about possibly getting into it with the dude.

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  • totally normal

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  • I totally get you lol It's like it shows a bad boy side of a guythatgirls can find attractive. or,to me,it's like itmakes them appear tough and iprefer a tough guy than a p***y if uknow wut imean. It's weird lol but I kinda agree with u lol.

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  • So normal that this in Attraction 101 stuff. Just keep in mind that you can't control what you're attracted to, and that logic has nothing to do with it.

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  • It's totally normal girl let me ask you this I want a girl to ride me then when ready to climax shoot me with a starter pistol

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