Is it normal i feel sexual attraction for people of same gender as me?

Sometimes I feel attracted to people of the same gender as me... Is it normal?

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  • No you disgusting freak.

    I mean seriously how do you not know it's ok to fuck whoever you damn well please

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  • Yes, it's normal. It's been asked here dozens of times. Your question is not unique.

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  • Well, it's technically abnormal in the sense that it's more unusual than NOT being attracted to the same gender, but there's nothing wrong with it, if that's what you mean.

    I'm really surprised that people are still asking this question. Go and get yourself some gay sex and have fun. You don't need to worry about it.

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  • I mean statistically no. But technically you're homossexual which means the only difference between you and a "norma" human is liking a different gender, the same of yours. I'm gay as well, don't feel excluded about it.

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  • My reply to another Poster: "Is it normal to lean more bisexual in your 30s ... I've noticed in my late 30s I'm more often into bisexual encounters than in my 20s" ?

    I was never "bi-minded" growing up, or in my earlier adult years, until about 10 years ago, when watching porn, I found myself becoming aroused, by the nude women, of course, but also the cocks.
    I'm not "attracted" to men, the way I am, to females, but love watching all sorts of porn, including bi stuff. My favorite bi movies are mmf 3-somes, where the guys are playing with, and taking turns sucking each other, while pleasuring a woman.
    Now I find myself having frequent fantasies, about sucking another guy's cock, and maybe even sucking a load out of him. And, of course, my fantasies involve him sucking me, too.
    I've watched gay porn, with no females in the movie, and while they don't turn me off, they don't arouse me, either.
    I especially love watching "fucklicking" mmf 3-some movies, where there is a guy and woman doing 69, with the woman on top, while a 2nd guy is fucking the woman doggie-style. Every few strokes, the guy fucking her pulls out, and the guy under the woman licks her cum off his cock. Even better if guy #2 cums in guy #1's mouth, or if guy #2, cums in her ass/pussy, and the guy 69-ing her, lets the cum run into his mouth.... NICE !!
    I've never tried any of this, but it is DEFINATELY on my BUCKET LIST.

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  • If you’re a man then it’s okay. You have the free will to do whatever you please in this world. Double the testosterone levels 😈

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  • you look in the mirror to much start there

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  • It's normal..... if you're gay that is. If you're straight, then this probably means you're not.

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  • Why would you want to limit yourself to only half the population when you can have it all? BI is fly.

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  • No

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  • If you’re a girl then it’s fine. Guy, queer

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