Is it normal i feel like skullsnroses is secretely a chick

with hot blonde hair and a black shirrt with a skull on it and big boots and black jeans and she has eyeliner around herr eyes and cute pink lipstick is this a premonition? am i a genie? her skin is pale white like a ghoul but with less flat buttocks and she likes to lick things like the floor, random people's fingers, and the toilet seat so long as its wet

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  • Doth thee know there is an outside world? thee should touch grass.

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    • Doth thou* knoweth* there exists an outside world? Thou* shouldst* touch grass

      Thy grammar doth make me desire to vomit through mine own ass, god damn.

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  • did you just cyber sexually assault skullsnroses?

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  • Wait, skullsnroses was meant to be a guy?!

    That’s hilarious, I just assumed skulls was a girl for years.

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  • What do you feel like I am?

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  • Going to introduce me to your girlfriend soon?

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