Is it normal i expect a service, in exchange for money?

I see more bums then I'd prefer.
I understand a hustle.
But these blokes make zero attempt at anything.
They offer nothing.
To lazy to even make some stupid cardboard message.
They sit there, mummble to themself.
Then perk up when you walk by, beg for change.
Do you think I bust my ass, skip meals, skip family time,
In order to work long hours,
basically skip life in order to pay you.
To sit there, and do....
Offer a service you ignorant shit.
Offer to shine me pumps.
Offer to clean my mirrors.
Armoure all my tyres.
I'll gladly pay you.
But I won't pay you, to be a useless bum.

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  • I understand. In my early 20's I learned a big lesson about "beggars", and one that I still use. The common statement then was along the line of... could you spare some change - I haven't eaten yet today.

    I started to offer to take them to a nearby restaurant and I'd buy them a meal. I've only had 3 people in about 4 decades take me up on that... and I gladly took the time and spent the money to have lunch or supper with them.... they were usually so grateful (and they did eat like someone who was starving). I'd then slipped them a $20 as well at that point for the next few days...

    As for the rest.... you would not believe how angry many of them got.

    Part 2 of the story is that I do try to assist people by mentoring them. Giving people who cannot handle money is like giving alcohol to an alcoholic. Show me someone who is willing to work to improve themselves and keep their words and commitments to me... and I'll show you someone I will assist. Every one of those has significantly improved their lives within a few months and no longer needed help (I've done this with about 30 people).

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  • I get what you're saying but if they could just up and make a business on the street to get your money then I doubt they'd be homeless in the first place...

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    • Itduz
      Everyone, can do something.
      Bums have no idea how good they have it.
      Why are latinos. And people from many parts of the world struggling to get here?
      There's opportunity if you are willing to work.
      Come on, There's popular comedians that were:
      1 minority.
      2 homeless.
      3 midget.
      4 immigrant.
      5 downs syndromm patient.
      6 immitation redneck.
      My point is, you have something you could do.
      A skill you could offer.
      As long as people pay you to not try.
      You wont.

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  • When I was younger I gave a good bit of money to homeless. Everyday after the methadone clinic I'd give whatever hobo on the corner 10 dollars. I thought I was doing a good thing. Now that Im older I never give to them. If you wanna see them go away offer them a job. I'm serious.

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  • I'd be a little more free with my spare change if I knew for sure it wasn't going toward booze or drugs.

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    • The only guys i give to are the ones with the signs that read "lets be honest this is for beer"

      Honestly goes a long way

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      • FTSWM
        So, if it said for meth, crack, ice,pot,coke.
        Youd just support their B.S.
        Because they were honest about being a loser?
        So you support their habit, and keep them from ever improving their lot in life.
        Youre fine, keeping them down.

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  • Sounds more like intolerance and entitlement to me. You're not in their place so how dare you judge.

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    • I have been in their place tho I feel I have the right to judge

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    • Bill007
      Sounds to me like,
      you like to assume a lot.
      You have no idea,
      who I am.
      What I've been through.
      Or where my charity dollars do go.
      I don't feel the need to give you my back story, or those of my loved ones.
      You ignorant p.c. piece of work.
      Let's try this.
      Go to the border and swap american bums for mexicans.
      1 for 1.
      Guess what?
      not knowing the language or culture.
      They will have jobs,
      pay taxes,
      and vote.
      Within 5 years or less.
      So what's youre homeless bums excuss?
      Who lives here, knows the language and culture...
      Yea crickets.
      the bum.
      Doesn't want to work.
      He wants you to work and just hand him money.
      If that makes you feel good.
      Go ahead.
      But in doing so, you are just perpetuating the situation.

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  • Makes sense you don't wanna hand out free money. Especially if you're struggling economically yourself. But helping people is a good thing for those who can reasonably afford it. If youre mad at homeless people not getting a job then just how many employers would actually HIRE homeless people? Especially when they may be getting like 50 other requests from people who want to work there already

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  • doesnt everyone deserve food? how do you know they havent tried to work? do you understand how tired they must be, living on the streets? i dont care how much or how little someone "offers services", they deserve to live.
    you dont know their situation.

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    • Riply
      yea, I do.
      you don't deserve a backstory.
      But in America.
      If you are a bum.
      It's a choice.
      Your options and opportunities are limited only by your own immagination.
      Bums do not want to work.
      They are what they are.
      defend it all you like.
      They wont change.
      Provide every social program you can imagine.
      People do fall on hard times.
      Im all for a hand up.
      Bums want a hand out.
      That makes them landfill.
      The world doesnt need bums.

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      • terri (or is it angel..?)
        no, you don't
        you do not know every homeless persons situation
        i think that when you give them names like "bum", you seem to forget they are human.
        it's not a choice, they would certainly rather live in a house
        im sure they would want to work if they could.
        no one wants to employ them anyway.
        you don't HAVE to work to live.
        people should have the right to food and housing for free.
        life should be free
        i genuinely don't understand how that's an unpopular opinion; to think that people should be allowed to live
        think of the disabled. many of them cannot find work. or gay and trans youth who've been kicked from their homes left with nothing.
        statistically, black people live in less fortunate areas. less education, harder to find jobs, food deserts. all those Racism Things that you and I can hardly imagine due to our privilege.
        living should not be a privilege

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        • R.R.
          it's Terri Angel.
          My adopted name. OK.
          Your arguement is totally baseless.
          In your dream land knowone needs to work, go to school, have a job, pay taxes, or do a damn thing.
          They just are here and given everything for free.
          DE DE DE, whos providing it?
          If knowone needs to work.
          Sorry for arguing with you.
          Im smart enough to know better.

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          • Most people want more than just their basic needs covered. And its really not to much to ask that people shouldnt starve to death because they lost the job interview competition one too many times. Besides some people have actual handicaps, disease or injuries preventing them from working. Im from Norway and here you will get enough support to cover needs for a living (healthcare, food and shelter) almost no matter what. But the vast majority of people still go to work if they can. There are a very few homeless people but they are almost always junkies who spend nearly all money on drugs. People want to have luxery, not just food and shelter. And a good portion of people also want to work for other reasons like being useful to society and being occupied with something that gets you out of the house. There are more people who want to work than there are people with a job

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  • I mean if I was homeless I would have a sign that says something like will work hard, fallen on rough times, please help.

    I'd be trying to get back on my feet not be a potato. At the end of the day winter comes fast. Winter vwill probably kill me if homeless here, we find peoples body frozen in there car even in our big towns. One person was found frozen outside there own house let alone a homeless person.

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    • Mammal, your sign is not enough.
      Offer a service.
      wash windows, wax cars, pick up dog junk.
      Whatever needs done.
      Just saying will work for food.
      Is a dead end.
      No matter your situation you can offer a service.
      Ive tipped some bad ass musicians.
      They had nothing but rythem and an empty bucket.

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      • That's a good point. Thankfully I've never been in that situation however I'm sure if I was I would go to a library day one and start applying for jobs or start walking to a new town etc something.

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        • Yea, mammal
          you get it.
          When I hear about bums freezing to death.
          I'm like damn.
          Good ridance idiot.
          You have zero reason to remain in a frozen area.
          Move! You idiot.
          hop the rails, learn a skill.
          in 6 months. You are in your own place.
          It's not that hard.

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