Is it normal i don’t know who i am?

I feel lost in my own head all the time... I’ve always been this shy girl who never knew how to interact with people. I’m 24 and only just started seeing someone, earlier this year I started getting help for social anxiety. I have a few friends here and there but that’s it, I’m not constantly messaging them.. or seeing them... I don’t have a job that allows me to meet people and have work mates... also I have tried these group sessions but I hate groups... and I feel I should push myself because of my social anxiety but I just don’t feel like it’s me....
This guy I’m dating is so nice, but he has loads of friends and sees them often, however he’s lost both parents so maybe that’s why...
I’m just sat at home waiting for him to reply or something and how I’m a loser for having no other mates...
He did ask about mates and I acted like I had loads when really I’m not that close to anyone... yet with him just me and him ican be myself and talk easily. But get me in a group and I just sit there... im scared he won’t like me for it.. I’m not sure where or how to find friends but it’s always on my mind and it’s driving me daft...

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  • First of all you must give yourself credit for attracting a nice guy. Next you must come to know Who You Are and Who You Want to be. Start with the value of the contrast. You know what you want because you know what you Don't want. And keep choosing the same thing. Listen to Abraham Hicks on youtube, it's a great place to start.

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  • I am in a group on Facebook I could add you to! There are always girls on there looking to make friends, go for a night out, stuff like that (all over the UK). So many friendship groups have been made.

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  • I feel you girl. Social anxiety is the worst! Just keep pushing urself and face your anxiety head on. It’s okay to feel scared at times but don’t let it get in ur way in overcoming your anxiety.

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  • If he loves you then he certainly won't ditch you just coz you have lesser friends.
    And about that social anxiety,I think you should start to talk to people online like on fb or WhatsApp & then try offline.

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