Is it normal i don’t have many friends?

I’ve always been quiet, and had social anxiety, I’ve got my anxiety sorted but it sometimes creeps up on me when I’m sat over thinking.
My anxiety over the amount of friends I have disappeared when I met my boyfriend.

However after being with him over a year it’s creeping back, because I have one and she’s a school friend. She’s not the best friend I have always wanted... I don’t know how to make friends.
But I’d just love some or one good friends, and I keep thinking when we both live together I want some friends to come round, and what about if we get married my bridesmaids?

I know it’s not a massive deal but it’s driving me mad, I’ve tried groups but I never seem to connect, people have there own friends.

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  • Yes, it's normal. I have a very small circle, but prefer it that way.

    I also think that with the new age of so many people choosing to stay at home and interact on social media rather than going out and doing stuff (and I'm talking pre-COVID), it's harder for adults to meet people outside of work (and if you're like me and work mostly alone or with people way out of your age range that wouldn't be interested with hanging out with you, it's even harder).

    The only things I can think of are to try to get involved in hobbies or attend local events, but it really depends on what's in your area. You could try bars as well, but most of the bars in my area are pretty rough and I'm not really a fan of the bar scene or drinking, myself.

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  • It's simple, hang out around town and talk to strangers. If you don't talk to strangers how do you expect to make new friends?

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  • that is normal.

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  • friends will shift and change ranks how long u keep in contact with them. some friends are fucking psychic with u and it hurts when they leave. make due with what u got.

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  • Deal with it.
    Life is not equal or fair.
    You will meet some serious assholes and bitches that have many friends.
    Theres more to life.
    Look at michael jackson, prince, robbin williams, and countless others..
    They had friends, but died early.
    Died alone.
    I dont know why. Or how.
    Some people just seem to attract friends and some do not.
    Think about the people you are attracted to.
    They smile, act friendly, and cheerful.
    But when you try, it feels fake.
    Sorry I can not help.
    But, try to accept who you are.
    Be confident in that.
    People are drawn to confidence.
    So, life may surprise you.

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  • Quality, not quantity.

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    • Still can’t find them

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      • I'm guessing you're still pretty young. Patience, deary.

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        • 26

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          • Maybe you could try chillin a local at a bar near you? Just start going there every weekend and eventually people will come talk to you. Most bars have locals that come alot.

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            • Gotta check the bars out, some are friendlier to random strangers coming in than others. Got one bar over by me where literally any random person can come in by themself and be part of the conversation, another down the block if you're not a regular and come in by yourself they look at you like you just walked into their elks lodge and tried to order a drink in the middle of a meeting.

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  • We all feel this way sometimes, you will get through this and will soon be in a better place in your life. For now, it’s the small things that count. Look up some other school friends on Facebook and just say hi. Or possibly try to start small conversations with people you don’t know such as asking a cashier how their day is going. :)

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