Is it normal i don’t cry when someone dies?

my Grandad had dementia for a long time before he passed over, he has recently died the last few days he was here I went to sit by him and hold his hand, of course he was on a lot of drugs so didn’t know you were there, we kind of knew we had 24 hours left and the waiting for that phone call was horrible that was the worst feeling, he suffered in his final month or two and seeing him so fragile made me sad, but now he has gone I didn’t cry I’m not sure what I feel, I feel numb like it isn’t happening, I want to cry but nothing is there, I feel awful as everyone else is balling there eyes out. I do care he meant a lot to me but I just feel strange. Is it normal?

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  • Yes. It is normal to cry when somebody died without being happy, without living their life, without really fulfilling their enjoyments.

    It is normal to not cry/be sad when somebody has fullfilled their life, lived it to the fullest, been happy, and followed their life. Its natural.

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  • I didn't cry when any of my grandparents died. I think I was mostly shocked. And when my grandpa died who was the one who lived longest it was almost a relief for his sake, because he'd been very very ill a long time.
    I miss my grandmother a lot though. I was only 10 or 11 when she passed and she was the grandparent I had the closest relationship to and i'm greatful for the lovely memories. I've still never cried for her... I can't really explain why. I was sad and I felt an emptiness within but I couldn't cry. It was just very surreal.

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  • Im the same way. Maybe you'll cry later when no one is around. Sometimes days later it hits you. Usually after the funeral.

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  • Crying is not equal to sadness. It's just one of many ways in which it can be expressed. I think people focus on it too much, probably because it's one of the only ways of expressing sadness that you can easily see.

    I have grieved fucking hard at some points in my life. I am old enough to have lost people very close to me, some of whom died in very tragic circumstances when they were still young. And yet I haven't cried that much over any of it. I have been very sad in my own way.

    Grieving is one of the hardest things that humans have to go through. Don't add to your own worries right now by feeling guilty that you aren't grieving in the "right" way. Just let it run it's course in whatever way is natural to you.

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  • I don't cry at funerals or when people die but I am still a very sensitive person. Very calm and normal reaction, you're oaky

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  • You don't need to cry.

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  • When old or sick/disabled people die, it is often for the best. That kind of life is not worth saving.

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