Is it normal i cant breathe while doing push ups?

I'm trying to get physically stronger by doing push ups (can currently only do it on my knees, could do full pushups some years earlier and should get there). But always run into the issue that I have to stop up completely to breathe after rather few pushups, even if Im not that tired in my arms yet. Its not physically possible for me (and never was) to do both things simultaneously and I tend to kinda forget Im not breating there and then

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  • Youre probably not breathing correctly. Before you get down on the floor, stand up straight and take the deepest breath possible and hold it in while you lower down and come back up. Just as you reach the top of a pushup, let a tiny bit of air out and then take it back in before going down again.

    You have the most strength when your abdomen is full of air.

    Also if you want to gain strength, the best way to do it is like 5-10 pushups at a time and focus on pushing hard on each rep rather than trying to do a lot in one go.

    Eg. Instead of trying to do 50 reps in one set, do 10x5 or 5x10. That way you get the same amount of work done but each rep is done with better form and more power.

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    • Thanks for the tips. Think I gonna try it

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