Is it normal i can't stand babies/kids?

I can't stand looking at babies or kids. I don't care about other people's kids either. I can't stand it when someone you know catches you at the store & has to take up your precious time by showing you their baby pictures on their phone. Once you've seen one baby or kid you've seen them all.
I can't stand opening Facebook and seeing pictures of their kids plastered all over the newsfeed. And I don't mean one or two pictures. I'm talking about 32+ new pictures all of the same kids doing the same boring stuff. Or grinning with their missing teeth smile.
I don't care to see pictures of your kids! Sorry to break it to you, your kids aren't interesting!
It's really annoying when parents let their kids run wild and act however they want to. Especially after a long day at work on a Friday evening I would like to enjoy a nice quiet meal at my favorite restaurant, cloth napkins and all. Unfortunately I can't get a meal or even a second of peace when kids are screaming, misbehaving and running around the whole place. Take your kids to Mcdonalds play area or something! Not a nice restaurant where you can't be bothered to watch them.
I can't be the only person who think kids are gross! And annoying!
They're not grateful for anything! And beg you for some toy that they only care about for 10 minutes and break it and leave out for yours truly to step on going down the stairs, or legos which you step on that is the worst pain I've ever felt in my life.
Kids needing diapers, toys, glasses, braces, new clothes every school year, cell phones, expensive video games, new shoes, backpacks, and whatever else you're suckered into.
I can't stand kids! I can't stand hearing them whine, cry, and throw fits. Not to mention as an adult you don't ever get to watch tv besides those stupid cartoons and ridiculous crap you're forced to suffer through. The only time you get to watch is maybe one episode of your favorite show because the little monsters don't get to sleep until 10pm or so.
Going to your kids school to find out why they haven't done homework or do their projects half-A'ed when they lie and say the teacher only gave them one night to do it. Packing their lunch only to find out they trade with other kids anyway. The little monsters that pick their noses, fart and laugh about it, laugh at the word "poop" and throw hissy fits at Walmart when you're forced to hear them scream.
Is there anyone out there who thinks kids are annoying and repulsive?
I'm sick of being a prisoner in my own home! I can't go outside and mow the lawn or tend to my garden without the little ba$tard kids yelling my name as soon as I step one foot outside the door.
I absolutely can't stand kids or babies!
Who else feels like I do??

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