Is it normal i can actually taste food in my dreams

I remember having a discussion with a friend where they told me about how they never get to eat the food in their dreams. I have eaten and tasted the food in my dreams several times. Im curious which one is the normal

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  • People think im crazy but I actually feel pain in my dreams. I had a dream a while back I got shot and it fuckin hurt dude. I eventually woke up and was scared to go back to sleep

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  • You need to donate your brain to science. Somewhere prestigious.

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  • I had an "Alien"-esque dream a while back and felt every damn bit of it. So, yeah, tasting things is probably normal.

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  • Normal. Sometimes I taste food so vividly in dreams that I wake up thinking I’ve actually eaten it. Though it happened more frequently when I was dieting and was hungry most of the time anyway

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  • I've tasted it many times. Just as I've felt pain in my dreams many times. Sone people are just unfortunate I guess

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