Is it normal i am not afraid to die

i was in a really bad motorcycle with me and another friend who passed away from the accident, i was really badly injured broke a lot from head to toe. i was in a coma, i had epileptic seizures and a stoke and a brain injury. I'm still so fascinated about motorcycles and i still want to buy my own and go riding. is it normal i'm not afraid to get hurt or die?

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  • I too actually was in an accident but it didn't require a lot of health experiences as you have. Honestly life never goes all the way. No one should be afraid because in the end everyone and everything will die. Just cause you can't see the end, doesn't mean there isn't one. You should hope for the best and experience life now that you're not afraid to die. There is a 50% chance of life or death and It is perfectly normal to be afraid or not be afraid .

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  • sounds like you're experiencing some of the symptoms of PTSD.

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  • I'm also not afraid because after death is just like before birth.

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  • I feel so sorry and yes that's normal.

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