Is it normal he said he's in love with me?

So there's this kid at my school who I had/still have never talked to. I added him on Snapchat because I recognized his name, but a few days later he starts BLOWING UP my phone. I blocked him after he said he was falling in love with me since that rubbed me a VERY strange way. The next day, a few people told me that he apparently ran around the school yelling about how saying he loves me. What's up with that?

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  • When I was a little squirt I had a crush on my classmate pretty hard I did. Then some little shit stsrted a rumor that I took my shirt off waved it over my head and shouted I love then on the bus. Well I remember that bus ride quite clearly. Wana know what I was doing? I was slouching in a bus seat reading a book because I always hot in trouble for reading st home and I love reading. So yea thanks random little shit.

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  • Sounds a little creepy. There is a very thin line between infatuation and stalker. Be careful and definitely tell some responisible adults, maybe not for immediate action but for awareness. If you feel that you need to confront him, consult with your school counselor, if you have one, and see if they can help facilitate that discusion in a positive atmosphere.

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  • He's probably just having a massive Crush on you and can't distinguish the difference between liking someone or loving someone. But I agree with the top reply: It seems as if he's a crazy stalker and you need to find someone to get help because what he's doing is not normal.

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  • Basically, you have your first crazy stalker. He's been watching you for a while, then when you added him on the snaps, all hell broke loose.

    It may not seem so bad right now, but what makes this scary is, he's spreading this around the school already. Which means it's only going to get worse the more he wants to show how much he loves you.

    1. Tell a trustworthy teacher about this.
    2. Make sure your closest friends know.
    3. Avoid him. Don't talk to him, don't look at him.
    4. Don't try to explain yourself to him. Crazy knows no logic.
    5. If he manages to send you messages, save them all as evidence.
    6. Don't go anywhere alone if you can.

    If he gets to a level where you feel threatened and you don't feel safe at school, tell your parents. None of this is your fault, you didn't know he was crazy when you added him on Snap chat.

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