Is it normal for your friends to not talk to you often/ignore you?

I've been feeling lonely lately because I'm going through a rough spot in my life, and because of that I have been trying to reach out to my friends more. Just for simple things, like talking for a bit or hanging out after work, but more often than not I simply get ignored or stood up. This isn't new, but I'm noticing it more now. I have tried making other friends before too, but people naturally gravitate away from me and I'm not sure why. Any advice on these matters would be appreciated, thank you.

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  • Then they are not a real friend. Cut the loose fat, you dont need it slowing you down on your way up the ladder of life. Fuck them. They are there as a friend or they not.

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  • Unfortunately, I think this is natural. Friends grow apart over time and it's not uncommon to get ignored when this happens (or because nobody seems to know how to communicate these days), and making new ones can be hard and frustrating.

    I know how you feel. I have had people gravitate away from me because I used to be extremely quiet and not speak unless spoken to, and also because I don't let people very close at first and this is off-putting to some. Maybe these might be reasons why people seem to gravitate away from you, too?

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