Is it normal for uncle to get vaccinated every week?

My uncle gets vaccinated weekly, if i understand correctly he gets them from some guy in the alleyway because you can't get more than 2 shots legally. He gets into a weird frozen state after getting it. Is this normal?

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  • Yeah, perfectly normal, brah.

    Every time I go into town, there are always loads of catatonic guys standing in alleys with a smirking dude loitering around with a bunch of vaccine syringes in his hand.

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  • Yes if he is doing heroin

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  • It's not a vaccine.... and is very likely any one of a couple dozen common drugs.

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  • Your uncle is on the horse! 😱

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    • Are you trying to say that the uncle is no other than Salvatore Ganacci aka Steven Seagal aka Lorenzo Lamas aka Bobby Sixkiller???

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  • Yea, he is a heroin hero.

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