Is it normal for tirdness to make mentle disorders stronger

I have a few mentle disorders, but the ones I will talk about mostly are OCD and bipolar since those ones factor most into this question. When I'm super tired, I will feel more depressed / overly excited/ manic then I would when I get a good night of sleep. I would also feel the need for anything that touches one side of my body to touch the other side in the same exact way or I'll just feel uncomfortable. I also sometimes feel the need to count out everything (ex:steps, syllables, etc) which is not something I do after a good night of sleep. Is it normal for mental disorders to be stronger when you are tired?

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  • Yes it is normal that lack of sleep will aggravate your situation. A good nights sleep keeps your mind and body functioning at their best.

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  • The day is ruined for me if I feel tired. Can cause steep decline in mental health if it goes on too long.

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  • Normal but it can go either way with mania. The manic episode will keep you awake and it becomes a horrible beast, where lack of sleep then feeds the mania, and vice versa.

    It's horrible.

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  • For what it's worth, lack of sleep has a similar effect on me too.

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  • I get where you are coming from, personally experiencing similar things myself. My best guess would be tired messes with your head and leads to your brain overworking and stressing itself out. Which will then only add to the severity of a mental disorder as the brain is struggling to calm down and get on top of things because of lack of sleep.

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  • Being tired can make anyone feel shit, so it will aggravate mental illness for sure.

    (@)(@) I used them as boobs in an earlier post. Think they work just as good as tired eyes. What you think bud?

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