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Approximately 3 years ago my ex and I started talking but it wasn’t serious , a year later we were more exclusive towards eachother but no one really knew , we kept it more private, about 2 years later I wasn’t the smartest and I got his name tatted on me but it was in my inner lip so no one knew about it unless I showed it. About 10 minutes later after I got it he broke up with me because I wouldn’t let him look through my Snapchat , I Wasn’t hiding anything I just thought if he trusted me why would he want to look through my phone ? , he broke up with me 10 minutes after I got the tattoo done , but same time I found out he was cheating on me through the entire time of our” relationship “ am I in the wrong or is he ? , now is he trying to talk to me again don’t forget we broke up just in the summer

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  • What is up with people branding themselves with their partners names? I will never understand this....

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  • So, if I've got this right, immediately after you chose to disfigure your body by being permanently marked with your boyfriend's name, you learned that he had been cheating the whole time you were together.

    And now the most important question in your mind is whether you had the right to keep a part of your online life private from him.

    If you weren't close enough for you to realise that he had been cheating on you for TWO FREAKING YEARS, then you weren't all that fucking close, and as far as I'm concerned, you had every right to keep your Snapchat - and every other social media account you might have - private from him. If the emotional and physical distance between a couple is such that one of the people can pull that off, then you're right to call it a "relationship".

    You're also right that it was stupid to get inked with the guy's name. Since he has proved beyond all doubt that he's a liar, not to be trusted and most likely jealous and controlling as well, you'd be even dumber to get back together with him.

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    • Luckily due to the fast regeneration of cells inside the mouth most inner lip tattoos only last 1-5 years. You got lucky this time OP, next time you want to reach for the needle in the name of love don’t do it.

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  • Sounds like one of my exes. Would accuse me of not trusting him if I wasn't up for things, said I should let him look through my phone... He had also cheated pretty much the entire relationship. Cheaters project a lot. He sounds like a scumbag.

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  • (Basically, u were wrong sweetie)

    In any relationship, both of the partners are curious about each other . isnt it?
    why you didnt let him check your snapchat if u were really not hiding something ? your this behaviour shows something was wrong in your snapchat history...
    my GF takes my phone & goes through every application like PHOTOS,texts,wechat,whatsapp,etc and i dont mind ,,,coz she have the right to inspect my phone.....

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