Is it normal for people to think everything in the past is useless?

I am an astrologer (hobby) I am not one of those silly people wanting money and doing make belief, I am a student though I keep it to myself as do others.

However there is a deeper learning that astrology is not only the beginning of science in the modern day but also religion.

You have to ask yourselves why the Sun and Moon have an effect on Earth, why symbols line up fully with astrology across the globe and why hearing noises in space from Saturn as well as those X-rays from Pluto are being found, perhaps those old nutty folk were actually correct...?

Let this video explain the mass delusion and stupidty.

The question of my post relates to my perspective, the masses are not normal, they are disingenuous and inept mostly and only follow what is told them, do not ever think for themselves. They also imply that anything outside of the bubble of understanding is abnormal, the unknown must also be a God.

Here is the origins of Jesus & the Devil and how we got Heaven and Hell.

Nothing religious at all.

Is It Normal?
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  • Ive noticed this with a lot of things you hear it all the time

    I saw recently one where they were saying "turns out bloodletting actually reduces inflammation" which explains why they did it for hundreds of years while we've assumed they were just stupid.

    Another one is now theyre saying they think dragons probably use to exist at one point so maybe all these different people werent just drawing fictional beasts.

    I think people were actually smarter back then than we like to think they were.

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  • We are just extremely lucky. In the universe there are trillions if not quaderillions of stars with planets. We just had the perfect line up of events to trigger the perfect staging ground to create life, not inteligent life. The inteligent life came about through a convenient ice age forcing apes out of trees into the plains. Then our ancestors eating more meat to gain the nutrients to have greater inteligence. Mix that with our social nature and boom dominant life form in the making. Even then at any point there could of been a volcano that could of wiped us out, or a meteor, or an especially bad ice age.

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