Is it normal for my half-brother to be attracted to me

This is a bit messed up... me and my half siblings weren't allowed to be in contact until I became an adult due to family issues...

I only really started to be in contact with them when I was 20 (I'm 21 now) my boyfriend helped me reach out to them and we all got along okay until my boyfriend cheated on me with another guy. I went straight to my half-siblings for support because i had no one else in my life.

I did take my boyfriend back and my half-brother has never supported that decision. He wants me to leave him. My boyfriend kept saying that my brother is attracted to me and I didn't think he was even though he was sending me weird and slightly pervy messages..

I didn't speak to him for a bit because of all the drama he was causing on social media about my boyfriend but we spoke a bit last night and he commented on some of my pictures on social media (I'm a bellydancer so some of my photos are kind of revealing...
Then he sent me a dick pic and said that he has a crush on me...and he said that he wanted to do stuff to me...

I don't know what to do... please help me

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  • Such his dick then punch him in the balls immediately after he cums and ca him a perv

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  • Fuck that. He’s not even a gentleman! “Dick pics” are for pervs. Unless requested! 😉

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  • It's not unknown for siblings who first meet as adults to feel a strong sense of connection, and sometimes that shifts to sexual attraction. There can be a feeling of identification because of similarities caused by genes, but there isn't the counter-balance that comes with growing up with someone, seeing them at their worst and there being no mystery about them. There can also be at least a degree of narcissism involved.

    It sounds like your half-brother has fallen victim to this so-called genetic sexual attraction, while you're feeling nothing of the sort. It also sounds like he's either too dumb to recognise your lack of interest, or he believes that his status as a relative gives him the right to bluntly tell you what he's thinking and what he wants. Or maybe he's just such a jerk that this is his usual approach to women when he wants to get in their pants.

    Whatever the explanation, you're not interested, he has no right to expect anything of you and you should tell him this in very clear terms. If the pics you post on social media are more than he's able to handle in a civilised way, block the dweeb.

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  • Stop watching weird porn. No no no.

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  • well if u want u can it's your choice. i had a boyfriend but my dad and his mother got married because they know nothing about us being involved with each other. we are doing sex even after we become step siblings.

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  • I would never have sex with MY sister. But if there was a half or step sister that I never came in contact with.. one that wasnt MY sister I may fuck her if I HAD to...

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  • girl this is not normal at all

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  • i voted normal not because what he's doing is ok but because people have all kinds of attractions. but he should absolutely not treat you like that. he shouldn't make inappropriate comments on your pictures and he shouldnt send you dick pics or tell you that you should leave your boyfriend, because whether or not you do that is your decision. but just in case i didn't make it clear what he's doing is abusive. being attracted to someone is not an excuse to do anything that he's doing.

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  • YES, NORMAL. Him sending a dick pic is a bit immature, but the sexual feelings between siblings, half-siblings, and step-siblings is more common than most people want to admit.

    Take it from a girl with experience in incest (I've been with my dad, both of my brothers, and a cousin), incest sex is the most intense and pleasuring sex you can get! Be adventurous, and indulge in the many possibilities that you can have with your half-brother.

    Just make it clear to him that he needs to be mature, respectful, and discreet with you... And YOU are in control (guys respect you for setting the rules up front). And then have fun being wild and crazy with each other!

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  • This happened to me. It was awkward, he was very sexually attracted to me. I think part of it was because I cared for him when his parents did not. They were drug addicts etc., so I was a “safe” person maybe unconsciously the rest of the world was not so safe. Also we look alike, and it’s very common for people to be attracted to themselves, actually. Plus we didn’t grow up in the same house so there wasn’t a typical sibling bond. It doesn’t make him a bad person, he was just having a hard time and with budding sexual hormones. So what you can do is be mature about it and tell him look, I love you and you are family. I’m not sure why you are having these feelings but acting on them is inappropriate and I feel uncomfortable about it. Tell your brother you care, don’t shame him, but also tell him it makes you feel uncomfortable and tell him he might want to talk to someone he trusts about the feelings if they continue to bother him. Your brother might also find his feelings burdensome and need his own support. You can be kind to your brother but you absolutely must set boundaries and tell him you are not okay with the pics. The situation with your boyfriend is a separate issue and should not be used an excuse. If you brother bring up the BF while you are setting boundaries, remind him it’s got nothing to do that, it’s got to do with him being a sibling and doing things that make you uncomfortable.

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  • Families that live in close proximity while growing and developing generally aren't attracted to each other because of reverse sexual imprinting (the Westermarck Effect), but often go on to choose a mate who is genetically compatible and might even look like family members.

    When you don't have that experience growing up together, it's not uncommon for siblings to find each other sexually attractive (genetic sexual attraction). It must be a very confusing situation and I think people who comment (and who have had normal sibling development together) are perhaps only capable of judging it through their own prism, not yours.

    I'd probably seek advice from people who have been through similar experiences.

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  • Half sibling means one of your parents is the same person. This is gross, you are gross, and so is he, period.

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