Is it normal for my fiance to pressurised me to loose weight

Myself and my boyfriend lives 4 hours drive apart, i missed him and asked when i can see him, his reply was 3 weeks when you have lost some weight, i felt really hurt as i have always been big, your tummy have to be flat, i give you 3 weeks to produce results. I burst into tears as i felt so sad, he is always on about my weight and controlling what i eat.what should i do?

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  • WTF?

    What a dick.
    If you want your partner to lose weight there are more polite ways to ask them to do so.
    That's just him being a mega asshole

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  • The things you should work on is:
    -Your self image
    -Your grammar
    -Finding a guy that lives in your area
    -Stop pitying yourself and focus on the person you want to become and not what others want you to be

    If you don't take my advice, you'll be a sad person for awhile and will most definitely end up with an abusive partner. Hell, you have one now.

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  • Get him out of your life: he doesn't respect you and you'll never feel good about yourself with him around.

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  • Last person I knew who was like that created a terrible marriage. They only got worse and more controlling with time

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  • You should probably leave him, he seems like a pretty controlling person. You deserve better.

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  • If he had concerns about your health, that would be one thing, but he clearly doesn't care for anythimg but himself.

    Tell him to start respecting you or hr can fuck off.

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  • Get on a water fast for like a 2 weeks if u agree btw I understand how u feel I am big too lol

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  • Don't listen to all these feminazi freaks. In a good relationship you can tell your partner flaws they can fix and shit and if your fat dont eat as much so you can be sexy for your fiance or whatever.

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  • Why are you wanting to be with this guy? It's actually an enormous blessing from God that ya'll live so far apart, if I were an atheist I would assert that it's a massive blessing from the flying spaghetti monster! The last thing you need is to meet up with and see this person face to face. Seeing and voluntarily spending time with this stupid guy that you think is your boyfriend is just asking to destroy your already low self-esteem. Where did you meet this shithead anyway?

    Be smart, and do the right thing; dump this huge asshole before he hurts you even more than he already has.

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