Is it normal for my brain to forget things but my hands remember

Ok so my question may seem very weird but I have a crappy memory at the age of 18. I have these moments maybe once or more a week where let's say I want some water so I walk into my kitchen but then I forget what I came in for and all of a sudden my hand is making a motion like I'm holding a glass and bringing to my mouth to drink then I'm like right I came in here for a drink. It's so weird I do it for food too except it's just my hand going to my mouth and my mouth makes a chewing motion. I don't forget what I want Everytime I go into the kitchen it only happens rarely. But is it normal for my body to remember what I'm doing but my brain has no idea what im doing

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  • It's a clear sign of muscle memory at work, though I've never seen it to quite this extent. Usually things like this happen with very repetitive, habitual actions, especially when the mind is distracted.

    This is just a stretch based on what I know about the human nervous system, but it could be that, when your body senses that it's hungry or thirsty, it bypasses the brain and sends the information straight to the spinal cord, which then sends the order to your body to perform those habitual motions. In any case, it isn't anything that you should be worrying about. It's likely just a very extreme version of a common occurrence.

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    • Eat more nutritional food and exercise more. Sounds like a certain part of your brain isn't keeping up with your muscle memory

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