Is it normal for my bf to play with friends when i beg him to play with me?

I have been obsessed with Overwatch and have been getting pretty good at it, and I would constantly ask my bf to play with me because I really enjoy playing with him. He is lower than me in ranking but I really didn't mind, I just really liked playing together. I have been asking for over 6 months now, and he has only ever played with me twice for 2 games then he will give up and go back to Destiny 2.
Last night he was up from 11:30 until 5 am playing with his friends the same game. His friends are about the same rank as me so I don't think it is an 'oh he just wants to play with someone better than you,' type of thing
When I brought it up to him this morning he got kinda angry with me

My feelings are still hurt, is it normal or am I overreacting

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  • You both sound very childish

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  • I'd say you are probably overreacting a little.

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  • I'm just curious, you say his destiny friends are the same rank, is that the same rank in overwatch or the PlayStation/Xbox rank based on how many trophies you earned?

    Also, there's a difference in overwatch and destiny. Overwatch is like a strategy survival deathmatch, destiny is like a team based boss fighting game; maybe he just doesn't like that style game? Or maybe he doesn't want you to see how he is when he loses or something. Or maybe he has online friends he doesn't want to cut off?

    Maybe try other games, pick up a game informer magazine and look through it with him. You could gauge his style and maybe find a game you both like you could both play together

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  • honestly i think it's a bit odd, yeah

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