Is it normal for me to warn my older sister?

i had an older sister and because of covid-19 she stayed at home while she usually stayed on a boarding house.

I dislike her presence because she like to stay up late until midnight and being noisy. like calling her friends, playing games and laughing like mad, or other stuff.

i am around 20 years old and some of my friends told me that it is normal. just brush it off. but i don't think so, i feel like if she is being noisy and disturb me, i should told her. yeah, sometimes i used my earplug and just go to sleep. but using earplug is uncomfortable.

so is it actually makes sense for me to told her to shut up?

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  • “Around 20 years old”? You don’t know your own age?

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  • “so is it actually makes sense for me to told her to shut up?”

    What a nonsensical sentence regarding things that make sense.

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  • If you're 20 you have no buisiness going to sleep before midnight. Nerd.

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  • elbow drop the hoe

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  • You only seem capable of seeing two choices: shut up and put up with it or tell her to shut up.

    You sound more like a young teenager than an "around 20" year old with that immature response.

    What's wrong with politely (and not when the noise is happening) using the old formula: "When you .......make a lot of noise ..........I feel ............. and I would very much prefer it if you ..............."

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  • Um, where are you from?

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  • My sibling is also very old loud when at home, yelling in mic while playing video games. It is normal but if it bothers you say so and if she's at all a decent person she'll try to be more quiet

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  • It’s normal to not like inconsiderate and disruptive people but as she is your family, I would suggest talking to her and trying to empathise with her and understand why she feels the need to engage in this loud and most likely attention seeking behaviour.

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