Is it normal for me to get nervous before working for the first time?

I am a 22nd years old that just graduated.

I have been unemployed for 6 months and tomorrow i will start my first position in a company.

I get pretty nervous about a lot of things, for example :
1. What should i prepare for tomorrow?
2. Am i going to love my environment?
3. Will i screw things badly?
4. Will my coworkers be nice to me?
5. Will i get kicked out in my first day?

I need any kind of advice and suggestion of how should i act as a first timer.

Thanks a lot.

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  • Go into your boss’s office and immediately demand a raise. Make sure you insult them as much as possible too. It shows passion and they like that.

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    • dont just insult them yall should also insult the company and make funa the people inthe family pictures on their desk

      also offer to pleasure theys spouse since theys obviously incapablea gittin the job done and demand overtime pay for doin so

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  • Aww congrats. On the 1st day they will probably just be showing u around so nothing to worry about on your side, just keep your mind alert especially depending on what work it is.

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  • First time doing anything is nerve wrecking. Nothing you can do about it. Just look your best, try to get some sleep, carry a delicious lunch and go through the motions with a big smile on your face. You will be just fine.

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  • You are not going to know if you like it for some time but i have one piece of advice that is guaranteed to help you. Shut your mouth, open your ears, and speak only when spoken too. You have a lot to learn before you can spout off. Dont try to be a newbie know it all. Just sit back, listen and learn, and provide input when asked. More often than not new people want to impress about how eager and smart they are, eager good, smart bad. This life lesson will work when you goto any new environment, whethete it is work, social group, new church, etc. Good luck.

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  • yeah it is normal to be nervous about a new job.

    I say after even one day your nerves will subside and it will just be "Rise and grind" each new work day.

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  • 1: they'll surely show you the ropes.. they *shouldn't* expect to much of you being first day (and when I say shouldn't I mean they shouldn't expect you to do a shit load duties you dont know how they want you to do them)
    2: well you wont know that until you get there BUT make sure you keep an open mind when you do
    3: just take things nice and easy if you dont know something.. just ask your a newbie your allowed to ask!!
    4: depending on both you and them.. if your all nice and dont be a shit stirrer you'll be fine.. and if there're bitches n pricks stay clear the best you can
    5: not unless you really REALLY fuck up which try not to! Just follow 1 and 3 for this and you'll be fine

    Good luck!! (Or I hope it went well?)

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  • I always get super stressed when starting a new job stinky nervous sweat and everything. It always turns out to be over reactive imagination though. So tryvnot gettibg caught up in it

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  • What is the job? If you don't already know the answer to #1 bring a pad and pen.
    #2 maybe, maybe not
    #3 you will do fine, don't be afraid to ask questions and trust your instincts
    #4 some will, everyone was where you are at one point. Some people are nice, but some people aren't. Trust your judgement.
    #5 i don't think so, you are consciousness enough to ask theses questions so you are likely good to go

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  • When I'm stressed like that preparing is the best way to calm down. Prepare for everything you can (lunch, outfit, fill the coffeemaker before bed so you can just turn it on in the morning, any important papers you need) and perhaps you can look online for other people's experiences in similar jobs

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  • Go into work asking questions. I cannot stress this enough. ASK QUESTIONS! Even the stupid ones. It’ll help you talk to people and get familar with your coworkers.

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    • Yes very true, my boss avoids me, I ask him tons of questions. I'm being trained for manager position and if I ever have dountf or whatever I ask. Tgeres an enourmas backpile of work to do. He wants me to figure things out out myself but I'm stuck on that it will save substantial time to simply just ask. Well last tine he didn't want to awnser my question it took me 40 minutes to properly tag 8 pairs of sweat pants. The system I always used to find missing items like tgat wasn't up so i had to figure out the one the goes through basically every stores inventory to find it. Yup. 40 minutes wasted on a 10 minute job.

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  • Do meditation , it will help you remain calm.
    Dont overthink this thing.
    Your overthinking cant do anything , so just stop thinking and remain relaxed.
    When you feel such overthinking, Chat with your friends and change your mind :)

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