Is it normal for him to be all over me and I kind of like it

I'm 20 and there is this boy I hang out with who is 13. He's a family friend and we have been close this past year. We play games together, hang out, and we have a lot of fun. The only thing is I think we are crossing the line. He makes jokes a lot about us being gay together. I tickle him a lot and we play fight. A few weeks ago I went to grab his hand to embarrass him and kept asking him to hold my hand. He kept pulling away and laughed. But the next day he kept holding my hand. Sometimes during a show we watch he will sit next to me and will casually lay his head on my shoulder and caress my hand. I kind of like it because it makes me feel important but I feel like it's not normal. What do you all think?

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  • It's not normal. I understand feeling important is a good feeling, but there are healthier ways to get that feeling. It's possible this boy is developing some kind of crush on you (normal at 13, and especially if he's questioning his sexuality), which, as the adult, you need to stop this and distance yourself from him. Stop enabling these interactions because if nothing else, you'll be in deep shit if things escalate (not saying they will, but you aren't indicating that you wouldn't let them escalate, so I'm assuming the worst here). Just draw a line about what's acceptable and what's not.

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  • your headding towards problems back off while you still can

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