Is it normal for guy i'm dating to disappear for 24 hours and?

So first off I know it's normal for some people to not hear from their boyfriends or girlfriends for 24 hours but for us it never happened before.

The guy I'm dating is my best guy friend. We knew each other for a few years before we started dating and even then he did not go a single day without texting me. We talk every day normally I get a good morning text and have for a year and yesterday I didn't totally okay things happen but I never had that happen before so it was unusual for him.

Then afternoon comes he didn't read my messages yet. Never ever happened before so also strange but I let it go. Then it's 24 hours and he didn't even read my texts. So I reach out. I ask is everything alright and his reply is "yes why wouldn't it be"

So I said it's strange because it's been 24 hours and I haven't heard from you and I always for an entire year got morning texts and you didn't read my texts for 24 hours that never happened before so it's just not our normal. He tells me he was busy. I ask with what and he said just busy. No explanation..I expressed I'm a little hurt and asked if we were okay and he got annoyed with me? Saying I'm being odd and that he "can go a day without talking to me if he wants" which really hurt and now he's not texting back

He doesn't have a job btw he's currently unemployed living alone in his apartment so he wasn't busy and he said he was at home the whole day

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  • He definitely wasn’t that busy if he doesn’t have a job. I’d be suspicious as well.

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  • Why are you dating a broke loser in first place???

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  • Text him "Busy, really? Did you finally get a job?"

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