Is it normal for guests to use homeowner's stuff without letting them know

My roommate's sister's boyfriend stayed over at my roommate's place for a night when my roommate was away. She has a dog and the dog typically stays at her room at night. The bowls are typically outside of the room and I always leave the doors open to allow the dog to eat and drink from the bowls. When he came over, he stayed at her room with the dog. In the morning, after he left, I found that he used a stainless steel bowl from the kitchen dish rack to fill it up with water and let the dog drink from it. I called him afterwards and he said he thought the stainless steel bowl was the dog's bowl.

I don't understand 2 thing and I hope you guys (especially from the West) can help me understand it. First, is it normal for a guest to use bowls from the rack in the homeowner's kitchen without letting the homeowner know? Second, is it normal to assume a stainless steel bowl is for animals?

Note: He couldn't find a place and my roommate offered him a place. He didn't come here to watch the home because I was at home as well.

Thanks guys

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  • That's a trivial issue.

    He thought the dogs needed water and grabbed a bowl and filled it with water. That's a sign of them taking responsibility and caring for your pets. That's well within things I would not be concerned about if there was a guest in the house and we had pets.

    The bowl is easily washed again, and the dogs may have really appreciated the water.

    Stop making mountains out of molehills.

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    • the thing is the dog HAD water and it was right in the kitchen. he could have asked me where the water is because he is the GUEST and shouldn't use the homeowner's stuff without permission

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    • some people just don't like sharing cookware with animals. nothing wrong with this and stop assuming the worse of people

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      • It's your _opinion_ that it's normal for people to have a strong aversion to animals ever coming into contact with cookware used by people. In reality, this makes as much sense as the rules in some backward cultures where menstruating women must isolate themselves because they're unclean.

        I recall reading years ago about an experiment where subjects were shown a cockroach in a clean drinking glass and then asked what they'd need to do before they drank anything from the glass. Most people said they'd just give it a good scrub and rinse. A few people said that under no circumstances would they ever drink anything from the glass, so they'd just throw it away.

        You calling the guy up to talk about the dog drinking from a bowl that can be easily cleaned and even sterilised was indeed making a mountain out of a molehill. It's not reasonable of you to expect the guy to have known every single rule you and your roommate have negotiated, and nor would it be reasonable for you to expect him to ask permission of you before he did every single thing while he was in the place.

        A few possibilities of what's really going on here occur to me:

        First, you could be either a generally neurotic person, or someone with germ phobias relating to all animals or dogs in particular.

        Or this could really be about the guy invading your space. If he hadn't used the bowl for the dog, you'd probably be irked about something else he did or didn't do.

        Or it might be about you having to share your home with a dog that you didn't pick, and tolerate rather than actually like.

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    • did i make mountains out of molehills? i was politely asking a question and idk why you're assuming this of me

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  • Nah I have to agree with olderdude, he was just trying to take care of the dog and mistakingly used the wrong bowl. I would just laugh at it and appreciate the gesture. When I read the title I was expecting like a random friend of a friend who stayed at your house and made himself a triple sandwich and a coffee without asking or something lol

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  • I never have people over who make themselves at home. And the ones I'm ok with doing that aren't the type to. I'd say it's a 50/50 split on being normal

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