Is it normal for girls to try so hard to play the victim?

I've only met 1 girl who didn't try this, am I just really good at arguing? Is it possible they have a crush on me, and don't want to seem better at arguing than me? I think that is odd, and quite unnatural. Is it a TikTok or tumblr trend?

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  • Touch grass

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  • Not all of them play the victim, it's mostly girls who either have NPD or ones who are in the wrong for doing something.

    An example I saw on TikTok was where this woman was harassing her own grandfather for watching something that she sees as misogynistic with no context at all and then she proceeded to play the victim she was like oh yeah I'm not in the wrong so I'd just harass my own grandfather.

    Hilariously enough that lady on TikTok took a huge L as people were defending the grandfather for kicking her out as the grandfather can watch whatever he wants.

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    • Glad you understand. They seem to be the same type, as this girl in question came out as lesbian afterwards. I think it's a tiktok trend for attention. Who knows, maybe that tiktoker is her girlfriend!

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  • Yes, they often do this. Only White men and Asians don't do this.

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  • are you a girl?

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