Is it normal for a retail store the new electronic shelf label?

Some retail store change their paper price tag to digital price tag

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  • so it can say one thing but when you go to pay for it the price is higher

    then if you argue they check on the shelf and the price will be even higher

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  • The retail store I work at hasn't got those fancy electronic price tags. I can see them doing it in the future though. It'll cut down on labor costs and save them money, and that's the type of thing they like, so yeah its probably normal.

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  • if i dont know the price ahead of time I dont buy, do not want any surprises at the register. when I go to a place that does not list the price I ask what the price is, if they dont co operate I leave.

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  • Not by me, yet. But I can see it happening. There is a restaurant by me that doesn't even list the prices, though, by the door it says they have" $9 seating charge per adult".

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