Is it normal for a neurotypical to date someone that is suspected of

Of having high functioning autism?

Like the Bill gates kind of autism, not the guy from your old high school gym class who won't stop talking about light bulbs and car commercials while walking in circles

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  • I have aspergers (high functional autism) and i've only dated neurotypicals. They couldn't tell any difference, the only "odd" thing they could say about me was that i'm very shy. And well autistic people are just as different from each other as neurotypicals are, only difference is we are more highly sensitive and can be very bothered by different types of stimuli. For me it's mostly noise. We also typically have less social energy which is why many autistic people work part time and are at higher risk of burnout but that can be fixed with routine and good time management. Also you just described two extremes and very common stereotypes of autism. I know of no autistic person who "walks around in circles" or whatever. They are just like anyone else you can only really tell difference when getting close and finding out things that we keep to ourselves and the people closest to us at least among those of us who are high functional.

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  • Bill Gates seemed normal to me

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  • IDK

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  • I guess it would depend on the person of course.

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