Is it normal for a man to like silk and satin bedding

My parents had a satin down comforter when I was a kid and I liked the feel of the soft smooth lustrous fabric so I've always been fascinated with fabrics and study them even though I am a mechanical engineer. I also liked the feel of the taffeta-nylon linings of my ski jackets and certainly liked the way women looked so beautiful in ski jackets.
When I was 29 I tried some high-end woven satin sheets and liked how they felt, very soothing. Then I bought silk charmeuse pajamas and replaced the top satin sheet with a light weight high-end down comforter and silk charmeuse duvet cover. So I've been sleeping this way now for 40 years and the bed feels very luxurious. I also bought silk filled pillows and pillow cases from Lilysilk and these feel very soothing and luxurious also.

So my bedding recipe is:
- bottom sheet is high-end woven satin (approx $100)

- Top is high end summer-weight Batiste comforter from Cuddledown of Maine (approx $800), with silk charmeuse duvet cover (approx $400).

- Silk filled pillow with silk shell from Lilysilk (approx $200 ea) and silk charmeuse pillow cases from Lilysilk (approx $40 ea)

- Pajamas are silk charmeuse (approx $170)

I've spent a lot of money (approx $2000) but the comfort every night makes this a bargain. It is probably the best and most enjoyable money I've ever spent.

The woven satin bottom sheet lasts years. The comforter will last for at least 40 years since it is always encased in the silk duvet cover. So I buy a new duvet cover every 5 years, new pillowcases and pajamas every 2 years. I also wear cotton ankle socks to keep my toenails from wearing out the duvet cover and shave before bed to avoid pilling the silk fabric with beard stubble.

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  • I don't see what's wrong with it. Getting a good night's sleep is 2nd only to eating well, and if that's what makes you comfy, have at it.

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  • Nothing seems wrong with that at all to me! I love the feeling of it as well, and have heard it's much better for your skin and hair.

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  • Not a thing wrong with it. My husband likes silkie sheets but they cause me to sweat. I love 100% cotton. It’s ok to like what you like.

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  • nights in white satin

    never reaching the end

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  • Why not?

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  • Idk you hand me any fabric and I will have no fucking clue what it is. Idk shit about fabrics beyond "shit this shirt is comfy."

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  • Fancy sheets are ok, I suppose... but the real bedding comfort comes from the bed and the mattress. A high quality, bouncy mattress is the key to a good night's rest. And high quality, properly spaced wooden slats for the bed. You want a semi-firm base and a fat mattress that conforms to your body.

    Ideally, I'd also add motorcycle shock absorbers with no springs to the bed to make it even more comfortable with a little bit more vertical leeway. Maybe I'll do that one day when I go back to Bulgaria.

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