Is it normal for a guy to like showering more than a girl

Ok so random but hey wateva well my bestfriend has a boyfriend and apparently the convo came up between us and she swears that he likes to take showers more than she does because she takes them like once or twice depending on her sched well her boyfriend lives in the shower takesv idk maybe 3 4 sometimes 5 times a day is that normal lol maybe he's in there doing something......

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  • I jerk off in the yes totally normals.

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  • Just the thought of changing clothes and dressing that many times a day bothers me. He must have really dry skin, and no, its not normal.

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  • I am shower man

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  • I like showers lets just say I have hair that sparkles at night ya 4 times a day I don't jerk off ps I do it to attract a mate haha I'm kidding I just like to know that I'm clean relly I have football so I shower ther in the morning when I wake up at knight so I can just be cleansley and when I get home because I live a mile from the bus stop

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    • Maybe you could spend less time showering unnecessarily and more time learning to spell accurately?

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  • I have to take a shower every other day otherwise my hair gets too clean lol. Anyway I'd hate a bf lime that cuz I like to get down n' dirty...that doesn't mean only in bed i mean camping and stuff too. That would be annoying

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  • Your all being silly.

    It's clear that he's a germaphobe. Cockslinger may be right with the enema thing. I bet he brushs his teeth three times as much normaly as well, right?

    Being a germaphobe in no way indicates he is homosexual though.

    Also... How dose wanting nice hair make you homosexual? He is going out with her, so showing of his hair in a playful way is far from abnormal. He showers so much that maby he takes extra care of his hair, resulting in a nice smell that he frequently takes pleasure in smelling.

    If anything, he is a germaphobe, OCD or both. Instead of talking about it in his absence. Maby you should just ask him. Would make things a hell of alot easyer.

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  • OMG u think so she'd freak if i told her that lol idk i mean he has long hair and she did say he's always smelling it and rubbing it on her and his face

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  • sounds like a homo to me

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