Is it normal for a female dog to hump my leg when she is excited

My dog is always trying to hump my leg which makes me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed and how do I know why she is doing it.

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  • I'm not sure why your female dog does that, It's usually the male dogs, You might want to call the Vet and ask them about the situation.

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  • Apparently you don't show your pet enough attention.And Now your looking for an excuse to excuse yourself for your poor decision to have a friendship with a pet.Please keep in mind that pets need the same love and respect that humans need.

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    • What brings you up to this conclusion I'm just curious I'm 18 years old and still living with my parents I help look after my pet but my father is the owner. My dog gets enough attention but she still does it.

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  • Get her spayed! It might not stop the behavior entirely, because dogs humping is not just a sexual thing, but a sign of dominance too. Honestly, all dogs that are not show quality pedigrees worthy of being bred ought to be either spayed, or neutered.

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