Is it normal for a christian to have this philosophy on death?

The death of a good Christian is like freezing freshly harvested vegetables. All of their faith and
good deeds remain frozen in time, similarly to how the vegetables' nutrition is kept in the freezer.

From this perspective, death isn't so bad for the person who died. They're not aware of the time
that they are dead, so aside from pain, I imagine it would be like falling asleep after releasing a
deep breath. Then when they opened their eyes again, they'd be in heaven. It'd be bad if they didn't
have closure with everyone before dying though.

Death is rightfully referred to as "sleep" in the Bible. The Earth, which is in its last days,
has only been around for less than 10,000 years according to the Biblical timeline. Eternity, however,
goes on forever. Eventually for trillions and trillions of years.

Even if you died at the beginning of our world, the time that you were dead, verus that which you
will be alive after the ressurection, seems like a short nap. The only difference is that your
body gets all decayed and gross, but no one is aware of when they go through that process anyway.

Death is only a black blip on an endless timeline, that continues to shrink slightly everyday.

Btw, I'm a teenager, so I wonder if this philosophy is somehow immature or poorly thought out.

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  • First, freezer burn.

    This is a very accurate depiction of the christian death. You remain in your body until the rapture. The only problem is very few people actually get to go to heaven.

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