Is it normal for a cat to like having their paws massaged?

I have a friend who has an affectionate cat, and she said that her cat likes having his paws rubbed, she can tell by her cat purring while she does it. Is it normal?

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  • Our white kitty loves having his paws rubbed. He lets me hold his tiny little paw in my hand and sometimes I give it a little smooch. He also likes when you rub his head really hard and pull his ears back and it makes him look like a little alien lol

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  • It probably depends on the cat. My cat, and I are like two peas in a pod.

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  • Perfectly honest I really couldn't tell you I know little to nothing about land animals I really don't understand cats.
    I am a sea / aquatic girl. 🧜

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  • Farts exist

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