Is it normal dream with zombie apocalypse every night?

I mean, i dream with this since long time ago and constantly and i never watch series like twd, what should i do?

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  • Just as normal as you being in a zombie apolocalypse, and you dreaming about a world where the western society is still functional and posting about zombie apocalypse dreams on Isitnormal.

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  • Yeah, sure. I have lots of dreams where I am flying.

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  • Quit playing shoot em ups.

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  • I had one when i was in high school where the buses left me behind after I tried to help someone.

    I managed to hop/climb the high fences and ended up in a house with about half dozen dogs.

    And I couldn’t leave them along so i got all of them on leashes and we started running/tripping/dragging ourselves down the road

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  • Yeah I think It's normal, but you sure that you never seen some Zombies shit?

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