Is it normal-

That I'm upset about valentines day for a few reasons.

The main reason is it's my great grandmother's birthday. Its been years but I still miss her dearly. I plan on getting a tattoo to resemble our bond/connection

The second reason is well, valentine day. My ex gave me a card one time but..just a blank card..well a few. And it really hurt because I found out he wasn't really only with me as well. I mean. At least sign your name or say something in it? Not just be like "oh just bought these for you here" and don't be with other people if you're with me. I'm not into the cheating..

The last reason is I'm tired of seeing all these happy couples. I mean I know maybe someday I'll be with someone. Yet I kinda wish I had someone since I miss that bond and connection etc

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  • Feeling sad about the anniversary of the death of a much-loved relative is normal.

    As for all the Valentine's Day crap, that's just a conspiracy by a huge range of businesses to convince people to waste money. Just as spending a small fortune on an elaborate wedding matters far, far less than what happens between the couple on every day that follows the event, so what a person gives another person on Valentine's Day matters much less than what they've done and said in the preceding and following 364 days.

    If you want to be with someone, then do something concrete today (and tomorrow and every day that follows) that makes that more likely to happen. There are 7.5 billion people in the world, so the odds are pretty good that there's someone out there somewhere you could be happy with and who would be happy to be with you.

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  • You aren't sad about valentine's day, you're just saddened by the memories you associate it with and if you accept that it's a day that's been unfortunate for you in the past but don't focus on it, maybe it won't feel as bad

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  • Its normal for the reasons you listed. Tbh even with a partner im not a big fan of forced, fake holidays.

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  • I celebrated Christmas for my now ex. He completely blew off valentines day(one of my favorite holidays) then got pissed when I bought myself a teddy bear during the discounts 3 days later.

    By Easter he realized he fucked up bad. (The only other holiday i like)

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  • Buy yourself some candy. It sounds trite, but I love heart-shaped red and pink candy.

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  • Why do you let yourself be brainwashed by all this nonsense. V day is just a day so companies can sell shit.

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  • I don't think about today being Saint Valentine's Day, to me it's the day after my cat's birthday!

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