Is it legal to fire over this?

I live on a military base. We are not military but we work with a government program. We are assigned to dorms and live much like the Military does. You can climb ranks in this job as well. We also have room mates we are assigned to. I recently got a new one as they moved my other one. We have bumped heads very often due to a very minor issue. They refuse to carry their room key around and I lock the room every time I leave. So they ended up reporting me to our direct supervisor who says if I do this anymore its considered a harassment case. If I have too many complaints against me I risk getting fired. If this has to go to someone with higher authority I am not sure who they will side with. Everyone is given keys when we get here and they tell us never to lose those keys and keep them on us at all times. They also give us somewhere to lock our stuff away.

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  • I'm not a legal expert but it sounds laughable. How is it harassment to lock up your room and belongings.
    Why should you be expected to leave your things vulnerable because your roommate is too lazy or unwilling to carry their key. Sounds to me like you would be in the legal and moral right.
    Is he friends with your direct supervisor? Maybe you should file complaints against your roommate for not having their key?

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  • THEY are disregarding written regulations. You are right and your roommate is wrong. If push comes to shove I believe you would win.

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  • who the fuck knows , go to the base chaplain and tell him you fear leaving your door unlocked will allow an intruder inside , also report a stolen radio to the base police , not a camera from your room worth a lot of money. the investigation will reveal the unlocked door issue. in short you have to be creative but the solution is to make others work in your favor. you can even lose your key and force them to relock the door. leaving a paper trail of the other person not having a key. you should be able to come up with better ideas than me.

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  • If You have a new roommate don't they follow the same rules you do? That means both of you must ALWAYS have the key and not lose it. It's their fault if they get locked out. Unless they tell you beforehand that they won't have their key when they turn in x amount of hours etc.

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  • Never heard of such a thing. What country are you from and where is this mystery military base?

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  • Not a lawyer either but no, that sounds absolutely ridiculous. Of course you're going to lock your door. I would love to see how someone could twist that as harrassment in front of a judge and win.

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