Is it impossible to make friends at 30?

I had so much crap happening in my 20s I had no time to enjoy them and no time to maintain friendships I had and now that I'm 30 I want to finally have fun go out party socialize etc but I feel like my youth is behind me :(

Is it possible to make friends at 30 years of age?

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  • Your best bet is making friends with slightly younger people who aren’t tired of partying yet.

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  • If you have a hobby or something it's usually not too hard to find people who share similar interests. A close friend of mine just made like 7 new friends through a rock climbing club she's a part of and she's over 30. In fact, that friend is someone I only met this year, and I'm 32

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  • It is absolutely possible to make friends and socialize at any age! Also, 30 is still young (at least as far as I'm concerned), and you're never too old to enjoy yourself and have fun with other people.

    It's sometimes harder if you don't work around a lot of people or don't have many hobbies that involve social interaction, but it's definitely possible.

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